Jewellery Packaging Wholesale (China)

Established since 1997
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Fei Long (Mr Peter Wu) has been in the Jewellery Packaging Wholesale Business in China (Guang Zhou) since 1997.
He supplies numerous businesses all over China and beyond.

His new Business Plan for 2018/19, is to expand his UK customer base.

He will be working with Mr Tony Mo (owner of Warwick Bead Shop**) as his UK point of contact.
This will mean you can now purchase his products at "Chinese Factory Prices" with no language barriers!
With over 20 years of experience in importing, Tony can guide you through the whole purchase & import operations
with you to ensure a smooth transaction.

Please check out the sample prices on the "Products" page to get some idea of how competitive our prices are.
This is only a small sample to give you an idea of prices, we do have a much bigger product range.

Most products can be Personalised with Custom Logo etc.. at small extra charge, but minimum quantity applies.

The prices are "Chinese Door Price".
For customers outside of China, Shipping+Custom+VAT+Logistic Fees will have to be added which works out
approx extra 30-100% of Total, depends on quantity.
At the time of order, Tony will advice you on the likely extra costs.

Because of the way shipping costs are calculated, "small" amounts are not viable.
Tony will advise you on the minimum quantity that will work best for you.

You can contact Tony or Sheila Mo on:
Tel: 01926-404 443 - Warwick Bead Shop (Thurs, Fri or Sat 12-3pm)

** Warwick Bead Shop's shop lease will end Dec-2018 and will no longer trade from current permises from Dec-2018.

All prices correct @2018-Jan. May vary subject to material cost. Will confirm at time of ordering.

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